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2. Printed text is truncated at the boundary (boundary not printed)
of a column instead of continuing into the next (empty column). This
too seems arbitrary in that some text prints across the border,
other text doesn't.
This is usually a result of the content of the cell overprinted (the
cell must be completely empty to be overprinted) and the way the
content of the current cell was created. Strings will try to overprint
the next cell, function results will not.

Truncation of text strings is a major show stopper.

Spreadsheets are very convenient for me to use for a lot of my work, as
they provide an easy way of formatting documents which are normally made
up of a lot of text strings and a sizeable chunk of (normally trivial)
maths. I do need to depend on the text strings printing out in full, and
it would certainly be a horrendous task to try and check each text
string in 'print preview' in order to be sure it is going to be fully
printed on the hard copy.

Not sure what you mean by "the way the content of the current cell was
created". The cells are certainly empty but the text truncates at the
left edge of the cell without any pattern that I can see.  

Is there any chance of these text printing problems being corrected in
the near future?

I know that there are/may be some problems with the printing of text,
but I don't quite yet understand yours. Do you see text strings that
overflow into the next cell on screen but not in print? Or are there
text strings on screen that should overflow but aren't? Does the next
cell seem empty?

You may want to send us/me a small sample file with the issues and/or
post a bug report or enhancement request against gnumeric at 

We won't be able to correct any problems until we understand them. The
problems I know about only occurred under strange circumstances or less
common scripts.

Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow taliesin ca>

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