Bug in text import?

FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p1
Gnumeric 1.2.4


When I import numbers, using the text import, I find that entering the
number of decimal places, on the third screen, causes an error. To be
exact here is the bug I think I found:

To reproduce:

1)  Copy and paste the following into Gnumeric: 
-6.8283E-4 8.4400E-5
0.24803 4.0255E-3
0.24970 8.6432E-3
0.24621 3.1800E-3

2) For the second screen select "See two separators as one"
3) On the the third screen, in the "Per Column Formatting" section,
select number.
4) In the spinbox, for decimal places, type "5"; don't use the up or
down arrows of the spinbox.
5) Click on Finish.
6) Result:  The numbers are not formatted to 5 decimal places. Instead
they can be two decimal places or in some cases not appear at all.

This does not happen at all if you use the up or down arrows, when
pasting text with the "Instant Awk" importer.

I am not sure if this is a bug or if the spinboxes on the third screen
are only supposed to have their decimal places changed by the spinbox

Gnumeric is doing a fine job here on importing data.

                                kind regards,

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