Re: Accessing a postgres database

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 13:27 +0100, Olav Riediger wrote:

 From my gnumeric-sheet I am trying to access my postgres database on my 
local machine. I gather, I should define a valid data source and use 
then the execSQL function in some data cell. Is that correct?

yes, you need to have a GDA data source created in the system, which you
can create via the gda-config-tool command-line tool, or, if you
installed libgnomedb, via the gnome-database-properties tool.

If yes, could somebody give me please a working example for a similar 
scenario as mine? I don't find the mistake?

1. select the range of columns/rows, and enter for them:

        =execSQL("data_source_name", "username", "password", "SELECT * FROM

2. Press SHIFT+RETURN, this will run the query against the database.


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