Uninstall tries to remove part of glib ?

During a 'make uninstall' of Gnumeric 1.2 CVS the following caught my eye

rm -f /usr/local/share/glib-2.0/gettext/po/po-Makefile.in.in

Now fortunately I don't have glib installed in /usr/local, but if I did
I wouldn't want Gnumeric's uninstall to go around removing bits of it.

Would someone who understands auto* like to look into this? It happens
when Gnumeric is uninstalling the po/ directory, here's the context...

make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/cvs/gnumeric/po'
catalogs='am.gmo az.gmo bg.gmo ca.gmo cs.gmo da.gmo de.gmo en_GB.gmo en_CA.gmo el.gmo es.gmo et.gmo fi.gmo 
fr.gmo ga.gmo gl.gmo he.gmo hr.gmo hu.gmo it.gmo ja.gmo ko.gmo lv.gmo ml.gmo ms.gmo nl.gmo nn.gmo no.gmo 
pl.gmo pt.gmo pt_BR.gmo ro.gmo ru.gmo sk.gmo sr.gmo sr Latn gmo sv.gmo tr.gmo uk.gmo vi.gmo zh_CN.gmo 
zh_TW.gmo'; \
for cat in $catalogs; do \
  cat=`basename $cat`; \
  lang=`echo $cat | sed 's/\.gmo$//'`; \
  rm -f /usr/local/lib/locale/$lang/LC_MESSAGES/gnumeric.mo; \
  rm -f /usr/local/lib/locale/$lang/LC_MESSAGES/gnumeric.mo.m; \
  rm -f /usr/local/share/locale/$lang/LC_MESSAGES/gnumeric.mo; \
  rm -f /usr/local/share/locale/$lang/LC_MESSAGES/gnumeric.mo.m; \
rm -f /usr/local/share/glib-2.0/gettext/po/po-Makefile.in.in
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/cvs/gnumeric/po'


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