New versions of gnumeric don't recognize the type of the file


I have asked this question before, but since I had not subscribed I was not 
able to answer to your questions or even to give an example.
As the title says gnumeric does not recognize the type of the file I want to 
import. I attach a file so that you can check it for yourself. Let me clarify 
something here: Gnumeric has no problem opening excel or gnumeric files. The 
file I have attached is a txt file (some data).
Currently, I am using gnumeric 1.2.0 because it works without any problems, 
with regard to file autorecognizition. I had installed gnumeric 
1.2.2-1.2.4-1.2.6 but all of them failed to import the file. The error 
message was "not supported file" or something like that. However, these 
versions of gnumeric can import the file if a select the type of the file.

I am using Gentoo.

I do not know what other informations you might need to identify the problem, 
but I will be glad to provide you with all kind of informations.

Thank you in advance for your time and help,

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