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It's *very* refreshing to see that at USA universities.  Yay!!

About three years ago, talk about a gnumeric port to Windows
was reasonably active.  I have not been able to find any
recent evidence of a forthcoming port, hopefully due to not
knowing where to look.  Where do things stand?

IIRC, it's still under very active development; they're working on making
  gnumeric less dependent on some things that Windows users don't want to
  have to worry about.

You may want to look at using OpenOffice in the interim, dual-booting
  with Linux, or using Windows only as necessary, inside of a virtual
  machine (my personal favorite ;)

That said, I don't *think* the wait should be too long; they really
  seemed to be pushing it through, if I recall correctly.


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      Graduate Student in Physics, Freelance Free Software Developer

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