Enhancement request: Sort dialog window to small

I have filed an enhancement request in the bugzilla database, and 
according to the advice given in 
<URL: http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnumeric/faq.shtml >, I am posting a 
copy of it here.

Asbjørn Sæbø


Bug number: 134727

Summary: Sort dialog window is to small

The dialog window that opens when choosing "Data -> Sort" from the menu
is to small.  The part of the window that lists the columns, allowing
one to choose the sort specification, does not show all the columns (I
have ten of them in this case), and therefore does not give a clear view
of the sort specification.  So I have to scroll up/down, and when I
check the "Sort range has a header"-box, I also have to scroll left
right.  And when I select one of the "lower" columns in this window, and
press the up-arrow a few times, the column disappears out of the visible
field, so I have to manually scroll after it to see where it went so I
can get my sorting specification correct. 

To avoid this, I can resize the whole dialog window so that all columns
are visible and I can get a clear view of the sorting specification.  (I
have plenty of space on my screen, and when I am sorting data I do not
do anything else, so the dialog window may fill most of the whole screen
without me protesting.)  But I would very much prefer that the dialog
window opened large enough (as large as necessary or possible) by
default, without me having to resize it manually.

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