Re: gnumeric is inexplicably broken on my machine

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 23:41:21 +1000, Alan E Davis wrote:
What happens when you run it ?  

The window does not manifest itself.

I'm having this problem at work now myself. I've not yet had time to
investigate fully, but so far it looks like cupsys is broken again.

You can try
- downgrading libcupsys2 to 1.1.20final-14 . -15 doesn't seem to have my
  workaround anymore
- rm/mv-ing /usr/lib/libgnomeprint/2.4.2/modules/

It doesn't appear to stop responding.  Lots of messages like this:

I don't suppose this would be helpful though.  

Actually it is. It fits the "cupsys related loop" hypothesis.

For those Unix & Linux fanatics who're feeling left out, please forward this
message to everyone you know and delete a bunch of your files at random.
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