Re: some questions about error bars and other plot objects

Le lun 09/02/2004 à 20:52, Jody Goldberg a écrit :
On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 05:47:10PM +0100, Jean Brefort wrote:

I have written some code to implement error bars in libgoffice, but I
would like to discuss some options before going further.

First of all, error bars concern several plot types, so I suppose the
best place to implement them is in GogSeries. I think we can have a
field in GogSeriesDesc which can take one of the following values:
and in GogSeries pointers to the appropriate number of GogErrorBar
structures (or should every thing be directly in GogSeries?).

hmm, a few suggestions

1) Avoid using HORIZ/VERT they won't apply nicely for column plot vs
   bar plot. Instead we should probably just tag it to the GOG_DIM_VALUE
   dimensions (eg x and y for scatter, but only value for bar/col)
   So a GogSeriesDimDesc would get an extra flag member to store the
   allowable types of errors.

2) My gut was to have 3 possibilites
    - no error allowed (pie)
    - 1 error for the value (eg a point centered at x with error +- foo)
    - 2 errors for the value (eg a point at x with +foo -bar

I wanted to have the HORIZ/VERT flags to allow slightly different
property pages. bar should have horizontal error bars and columns
vertical ones, but the data associated will be treated in the same way.
Only xy and bubble plots need both (they will be names X errors and Y
errors in the UI).

gnm_glade_xml_new is still used in goffice. Should I still use it?

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