Re: some questions about error bars and other plot objects

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 05:56:07PM +0100, Emmanuel Pacaud wrote:

Le lun 09/02/2004 ? 17:47, Jean Br?fort a ?crit : 
Some plots need two styles, one for positive values and the other for
negative ones (bubble plots and some financial plots). I do not know how
to implement that since GogStyledObject contains only one style.

I'm currently working on a way to extend styles, with a
GogStyleExtension object owned by GogStyle. That's almost finished.

I can submit it to Jody for review and commit it if it's ok, then you
can use it.

Please do.  I've got some ideas on this to look something like
gnumeric's Dependent type support.  The life cycle will be a bit
scary.  How do we ensure that a pie stye extension is available for
the xls importer before a pie plot is created and registered.

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