Re: some questions about error bars and other plot objects

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 11:24:53AM +0100, Jean Brefort wrote:
Le lun 09/02/2004 ?? 20:52, Jody Goldberg a ??crit :

I wanted to have the HORIZ/VERT flags to allow slightly different
property pages. bar should have horizontal error bars and columns
vertical ones, but the data associated will be treated in the same way.
Only xy and bubble plots need both (they will be names X errors and Y
errors in the UI).

Good idea.  That's better than my idea.
gnm_glade_xml_new is still used in goffice. Should I still use it?

Yes.  That and several other generic routines in
will be moving down into goffice shortly as we continue the
migration of generic elements out of gnumeric proper.  Thus far the
I've been focusing on the widgets.  The utils will be next, followed
by the plugin framework.

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