Re: weird limits

To my great chagrin, I discovered that the last part of the recipe below
(recompilation) is basically impossible. I have tried it on a Mac OS X
machine (heavily finkified), on a Fedora-based enterprise machine, and on
a knoppix up-to-date debian machine. No luck, after spending (literally)
hours getting the latest versions of everything. It looks like I have to
be living in the gnome development world to recompile. It is nice to have
the sources, but if you can't recompile them it is nowhere as nice as it
could be... Perhaps you guys could distribute binary packages with the
ROWS/COLUMNS #defines change, but in the meantime, the advice below seems
purely academic.



On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 03:09:41PM -0400, Igor Rivin wrote:

I note that gnumeric has kept the wonderful Excel feature of allowing
at most 65535 rows in the data. Is this realy true? Is there any way
to get around this?

The default build uses those limits for XL compatibility.  Changing them
is simple, but requires a recompilation.

- edit src/gnumeric.h
- recompile

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