Re: Two ssconvert questions.

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 16:47, Spam Account wrote:
Hi there.

I'm using ssconvert to change excel 97 spreadsheets into html documents.
This will be done via nightly automated scripts.

Right now there are two things that I have questions about:

1. I've noticed that some of the formatting of the original spreadsheet
is not being fully preserver (understandable).  Most of it is
tolerable.  However ssconvert seems to have a problem with blank lines
(spacers).  It isn't preserving that.  Is there a way to tell it to
allow blank lines?  Or, is there a way to tweak the templates or
ssconvert's html output?

I've noticed this in certain situations, too.  I suspect (the gnm devs
would know, I think I've discussed it with them in the past) that it's a
matter of the html (and others?) exporter, not ssconvert, not saving
blank lines, simply for lack of a rule for determining if it should be
preserved (ie, find first the bound of the outermost nonempty row/col,
and determine is the empty row/col within that, else don't export
because we don't want ~65k rows in our html table from a ss with a
single nonempty cell at A1).  But that's just speculation... Oh, and
come to think of it, I had also pondered another example criteria for
the aforementioned preservation critique being cell vis formatting -
using the presence of modified borders/backgrounds to tell if the
'empty' cells are actually wanted (which was the case when I ran into

And if it turns out I'm totally off, sorry (-:


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