Re: Problem in date processing

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 05:09:16PM +0100, Spencer Collyer wrote:
Gnumeric version 1.0.12
SuSE Professional 8.2


Enter the following into cells formatted as dates (I use 'd/m/yyyy' in the

A1: =date(1900,2,28)
A2: =A1+1
A3: =A2+1

Cells are displayed as:

A1: 28/2/1900
A2: 28/2/1900
A3: 1/3/1900

Looking at the 'Sum' box in the status bar, the numbers (correctly) go

A1: 59
A2: 60
A3: 61

Something wrong there, methinks...

Yes there is, but not in Gnumeric :-)

MS Excel made a mistake early on and decided that 1900 was a leap
year.  We're forced to handle the convention for compatibility.

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