Formulas in CSV files

In an old version of Gnumeric (can't remember exactly which one, it was
the one that came with Mandrake 8.0, and was a 0.*.* one) I could import a
CSV file like the following:

---8<------Start File------8<---
---8<-------End File-------8<---

and it would correctly interpret the formulas embedded in the file, and
give me the actual formulas.

Now, however, with Gnumeric 1.0.12 under SuSE Pro 8.2, when I import such
a file, it reads the formulas as strings. If I delete the "'" marker at
the start of them then the formula works correctly, but obviously this is
sub-optimal, and, for big files, a real non-starter.

I tried using the Search & Replace tool, but that did nothing. If I try
removing the quotes from around the forumlas, I just get them split across
several rows instead (which is what I expected, just thought I'd try it

Is there any way to get the old behaviour back? Alternatively, is there a
text format that _does_ allow me to enter formulas like date() and time()
and interprets them correctly on import?

Thanks in advance for any help


ps Searched the archives of this ML for anything related to this problem,
but I couldn't find anything.

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