Re: question about freezed panes

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 07:10:09PM -0700, Jacob Burckhardt wrote:

I submitted a similar report as Bug 77303.  In the bug database, Jody

I can not replicate this with 1.1.  To much work has been done in the
development version to isolate what fixed this and backport.

I assume features and fixes in gnumeric 1.1 would also be in gnumeric
1.2.1?  So it is strange that the bug occurs in 1.2.1.  Perhaps it

It has not regressed.  I just didn't dig deep enough.  Your report
does indeed work.  Things do no scroll on first click.  Only on
subsequent cursor movement.  In a few weeks/months when life returns
to normal we can reopen this and decide if the current behavior is

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