Re: question about freezed panes

Jody Goldberg writes:
On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 05:30:26PM +0200, Parrenin Fr?d?ric wrote:
Hi all,

When one freezes panes in gnumeric (for example vertically), if one
performs any operation in the upper pane, the scrolling of the bottom
pane is reseted.
It is a very annoying feature for me: you cannot pratically perform any
operations in the upper pane. (for example changing a title)

Is it a bug ?
If no, why did you choose this feature ? (this is not the case for
example in OOcalc).

I don't recall why at this point, and I've had so little sleep today
that reading code is a bad idea.  The best I can offer is the lame
excuse that XL does the same thing.

I submitted a similar report as Bug 77303.  In the bug database, Jody

I can not replicate this with 1.1.  To much work has been done in the
development version to isolate what fixed this and backport.

I assume features and fixes in gnumeric 1.1 would also be in gnumeric
1.2.1?  So it is strange that the bug occurs in 1.2.1.  Perhaps it

Note that to reproduce my bug report, in the bug's description, change
"row 19" to "row 20".

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