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I've also tried gnumeric in the past, hoping to export latex--but the
"latex" it spits out isn't much use for using in another file . . .

I maintain Gnumeric if you've got some suggestions on how to improve
our latex export please drop us a note at  We
have not yet connect our new charting engine up to the latex
exporter, so for now you need to export as svg or ps directly.

Bugzilla and I don't get along well :)

But I'll toss in the reader's digest version here.  And if memory
serves, it wasn't charts but tables I was after.

What I would look for in an export is plain old latex, rather than
reliance on a bunch of program-specific instructions.  An exported
table, for example, should be just plain a table.  It's been a while,
but I think that there were gnumericisms in the table definition to
control spacing.

Someone exporting to latex (or anything else) is likely using the
spreadsheet because making and formatting large tables in latex (and
even lyx) can be a nightmare.  I would expect that far more people want
to export to latex to use it in something else than just to print.

I'll forward your comments over into the Gnumeric group for comment.
Do you recall what version you tested with ?

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