Re: maximum number of Gnumeric cells

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 08:00:44AM +0200, Jean Brefort wrote:
Le mer 15/10/2003 ?? 05:13, Christopher King a ??crit :
I, too, have run up against the problem of Excel spreadsheets being
limited to 256 cells wide.  If practical, it would seem to be a strong
selling point for gnumeric to beat that out of the box.  512 X 64k
would have solved my problem.


Instead of being a compile time constant, why not have the row and
column number defined at runtime (using GConf)?

We're definitely planning to do that some day, but its a fair amount
of work.  Frankly it did not seem worth the effort to support
changing it during a run.

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