Re: EUROCONVERT( ) function

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 04:41:59PM +0800, ever wrote:

euroconvert(341.88,"EUR","BEF",FALSE) = 13791
euroconvert(341.884,"EUR","BEF",FALSE) = 13792
By the MSDN's introduction I think these two case will be
same value but why ?

Why would they be the same ?  They may display as the same string if
you are only showing part of the result.
what is the exact mean of"Calculation Precision"and "Display Precision" in

Exactly.  The key concept to grasp is that what is displayed is not
necessarilly the full representation of the calculated value.  Lets
pick something less ambiguous.

    Dates & Times.

MS Excel stores them as (approximately) days since Jan 1 1900 + day
fraction.  So right now is something like '37909.97' which be
displayed as '2003/Oct/15 11:23'.  It can also be displayed as just
'11:23'.  The underlying value is unchanged, but the displayed
result is different.  The same thing can happen with numbers.  You
can have a calculated value of '3.14' but if you display it with
nothing after the decimal point it will be plain '3'.  MS Excel
blurs the distinction somewhat by adding a magic flag that can force
the value of a cell to be modified (sometimes) to match whatever is

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