Gnumeric 1.2.1

**** Gnumeric 1.2.1 aka "Sleep is for woosie teenagers" is now available. ****

     This is mainly a spit and polish release. There are a few patches for
     problems in the charting engine, but the majority of the changes are
     small feature enhancements to finish loose ends, and prepare for
     branching. There were two notable changes though. One is a a new
     utility program 'ssconvert' that allows command line conversion of
     spreadsheets between all of the formats that Gnumeric supports. The
     second change is a warning to all 3rd party plugin developers that
     we've shattered binary compatibility by implementing the first part
     of the great renaming. During the 1.3.x development cycle we intend
     to produce a stand alone libgnumeric which requires that we get our
     name-spacing act together. It seems better to do that before we
     branch. Its also something I can do while suffering from sleep

*** Details ***

    * Adrian Custer:
          o More documentation.

    * J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
          o Update Debian control files.

    * Jean Brefort:
          o Gradient support for SVG chart renderer.
          o Marker support for SVG chart renderer.

    * Jody:
          o Fix infinite loop on empty axis under Solaris.
          o Fix leak loading charts.
          o Don't pad zero sized children.
          o Correctly show unqualified sheet local names in array exprs
          o Add 'Albany' to excel plugin's font table
          o Chart printing now respects scaling
          o Fix crash with partial bar/col/line/area/xy series
          o Patch warning when quiting with an keyed dialog
          o Fix xls export of operand classes
          o Minor packaging bug in CORBA plugin
          o Accept blank lines in text to cols.
          o Provide a cleaner work around for
          o Re-enable the probe functions in plugins
          o Big performance improvement when auto-sizing row heights.
          o Fix recalc for ISBLANK
          o Fix deleting a graph object with expr entries.
          o Tweak the axis auto range selector to keep things symmetric
          o Enable basic style import for chart elements
          o Drop in a basic implementation of ssconvert
          o Be anal about exporting Unicode chars > 0xfeff to xls
          o Fix import typo that broke xls import of local hyperlinks
          o Draw marker and lines for legend elements that support them
          o Memory error when adding a series to a bar/col/line/area plot
          o Tune Planperfect importer.
          o Cleanup header inclusion to make things work even with gtk HEAD
          o Have ssconvert generate export file name from exporter if needed
          o update the goto box in a few more places
          o Have 'MATCH/LOOKUP/HLOOKUP/VLOOKUP' handle blank criteria XLishly.
          o COUNTIF counts empties bug
          o xls import for manual axis bounds and step
          o xls import for chart and axis labels

    * John Gill:
          o Heuristics to improve finger feel of auto-filter range selection

    * Jukka:
          o Fixed solver's model maximisation button.
          o Fixed crash with Cancel/OK buttons in Scenarios->View.
          o Usability fix for solver's constraint change button.
          o Bug fix: don't create a scenario if solver didn't find a solution.
          o Layout improvements for Risk Simulation dialog.
          o Layout improvements for Scenarios->View dialog.

    * Nick Lamb:
          o Improve import of ancient xls.

    * Morten:
          o Invalid memory read in marker combo.
          o Speed up number match by caching localised TRUE and FALSE.
          o Speed up number match of batches of partial dates (like "Jun-21").
          o Speed up number match by speeding up regexp matching for regexps
            with lots of ()s.
          o Improve number rendering when showing more decimals than backed by
          o Fix covariance tool.
          o Plug leaks.
          o Fix space trimming for stf import.
          o Clean up FREQUENCY.
          o Clean up DOLLAR.
          o Plug html import leaks.

    * Thomas Miesbauer:
          o Redo screenshots


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