Re: Going pretty well so far now

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 04:36:40PM -0500, Larry wrote:

After installing the newer version things are looking pretty good.
Earlier problems have ceased and now all I need to know is how to change 
the font of the header. I have looked in the page setup along with
preferences and properties but can't find the font for the header. 
All the rest of the fonts are using the font I set in the preferences 
but the header is still using some ugly gothic looking font. Not good
for work situations.   (:

What version of gnumeric ?

The problem is known a boils down to libgnomepring being silly.
Thankfully a lot less silly than in gnome-1.4, but still not much
brighter than roadkill.

If it can not find a font it succeeds ! and returns the
alphabetically first font it finds :-(  Gnumeric 1.2.0 has a simple
wrapper to warn (on the console) and at try a few likely fallbacks.
This ameliorates the problem, but does not solve it.  The gnumeric
team has joined the gnome-print maintainers recently (announcement
shortly) and will try to rectify that in the very near future.

Good Luck

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