style color does not show up in Excel, Is it working with Excel or the feature only in Gnumeric????


I'm using xmlns:gmr=""; in producing the Excel report.  Somehow styles do not 
show up in the report.  For example, the following code has Fore and Back and PatternColor specified.  But 
they don't show up in Excel.  StyleBorder works though.  Here are my questions.  Are there any other styling 
languages out there other than gnumeric for me to use?  Is there a support group for using gnumeric out there?

Thanks a lot!


        <gmr:StyleRegion startCol="0" startRow="0" endCol="17" endRow="3">
        <gmr:Style HAlign="1" VAlign="2" WrapText="0" Orient="1" Shade="0"
Indent="0" Fore="F800:0:0" Back="0:8000:0" PatternColor="C000:C000:C000" Format="General">
          <gmr:Font Unit="9" Bold="0" Italic="0" Underline="0"
            <gmr:Top Style="2"/>
            <gmr:Bottom Style="2"/>
            <gmr:Left Style="2"/>
            <gmr:Right Style="2"/>
            <gmr:Diagonal Style="2"/>
            <gmr:Rev-Diagonal Style="2"/>

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