Re: Graph background and images

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 09:07:09PM +0200, Jean Brefort wrote:
Le mer 04/06/2003 ?? 19:58, Uri David Akavia a ??crit :
On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 17:33, Jean Br??fort wrote:

Images should and will be used as backgrounds in gnumeric (libgoffice).
What happens if the image is smaller than the graph? I suppose that the
image shoule be a second layer of background so that we can change the
colour (or gradient) behind it as does Nautilus when it paints the
desktop background.

While I support the idea of a background gradient, why not give the
ability to scale the picture?
Of course the possibility will exist. It is possible to have an
horizontal or vertical fit (with no change in the width/height ratio) or
strectch the image to the size of the graph. May be also an user chosen
scale factor.
We must also certainly support what Excel do. I made some test and
obtained a strange result with a partially transparent result: the
background turned black.

We'll definitely need to support scaling and tiling images to
support the bells and whistles in MS XL.  They appear to distinguish
between textures and images in the ui, but implement them pretty
much the same way in the file format.

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