Save confirmation alerts not HIG conformant

I'm having trouble using the 'save confirmation alert'.
The trouble is that it makes me think really hard about wich button to
push if I don't want to save my changes.
I'm sure the present form has seen some thinking-through, and has also
seen some discussion, but I'm really confused right now by the button
labels each time the dialog pops up.

Right now, the normal alert shows (when you want to quit with unsaved
Save changes to workbook '%s' before closing?

If you close without saving, changes will be discarded.

Discard  |  Don't close  |  Save  

Discard makes me think initially: Disard this message
Don't close: don't close this message

This is what the HIG has to say:

"Save confirmation alerts help ensure that users do not lose document
changes when they close applications. This makes closing applications a
less dangerous operation.

Primary Text. Save changes to document [Document Name] before closing?

You may replace “document” with a more appropriate description, for
example “image” or “diagram” if the document in question is not
primarily text.

Secondary Text. If you close without saving, changes from the last [Time
Period] will be discarded

The secondary text provides the user with some context about the number
of changes that might be unsaved.

Buttons. Close without Saving, Cancel, Save"

I think that that is a lot saner choice for the buttons.
Is there any reason why gnumeric should use different labels?

The notion about [Time period] is nice too but this is not really
neccesary at this moment.

Could these dialogs be made HIG-complient? please?

Tino Meinen

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