Re: Excel conversion bug?

On Thursday 24 July 2003 12:59 pm, Charles R. Twardy wrote:
I have a spreadsheet with many dcount, daverage, etc formulas.

When I export it to excel and open in excel, all these have #Ref! errors.
If I then cursor to them, click in the formula window, and hit <enter>,
they work in excel.


 I get the same problem in =SUM, when using linked worksheets.  I am using:

Gnumeric 1.1.19
gnome2-2.2.2_1 (FreeBSD port)
compiled with gcc-2.95.4
FreeBSD 4.8 Stable

I export to Office 97, on Windows 2000. I save my Gnumerics as Excel(tm) 
97/2000/Xp format. I will try and find the offending worksheet, if you want.

 That being said, Gnumeric works extremely well. You guys have done a really 
great job.

                Kind regards,

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