Re: Interior border BUG

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 09:21:53PM +1000, grom_3 optusnet com au wrote:
The behaviour of interior borders doesn't match that of Excel or OpenOffice. For 
example, apply interior borders to the range B2:D4 then cut out C3 and paste the 
cell into C6. With Excel C3 and C6 will have a border around each edge. Whereas 
in Gnumeric C6 has top and left edges and C3 only has right and bottom edges. 

I think the interior bottom should have the same border as interior top, likewise 
interior left and right should be the same. Although their is overlapping border 
specification since they are the same I can't see it as a problem (but I haven't 
gone through it in depth). AFAICT you will never have conflicting overlapping border 
specifications with this suggest change. 

A reasonable request.  We still need to be careful around the
margins but not a difficult adjustment.  Please bugzilla it and I'll
have a look when I get back.

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