Re: Notes on Re: "Select All" Memory Bug?

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 03:16:35PM -0500, Richard BUMBY wrote:

|- > > Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I'm running KDE?
(because it is more familiar), but I will need to use gnome also.

gnumeric is fairly agnostic about its operating environment, the
only sticky bit we've hit to date has been Klipper.  It's approach
to clipboard management makes my life difficult.

This happens the other way, too.  I have been sent things extracted
from Excel with extra row and columns ... but I do find myself
overshooting the data when I use the scroll bar in a gnumeric
worksheet.  The row numbers are suddenly large,
We appear to measure the sheet somewhat differently than MS XL and
there are corner cases that confuse things.  If you apply a visible
format to an entire column (eg background colour or borders)
gnumeric thinks there is content in the entire column.

I am a little confused about fonts:  the toolbar tells me that one
font is selected, but what I see on the screen is a different font
in a different size.  Most recently, this involved an imported
document, and I was probably seeing the font used in the original.
I also added new Type 1 fonts (using the utility that came with
SuSE 8.0, running under KDE 3.0), but gnumeric doesn't know about
them.  Pointers to information beyond what has made it into the
help pages would be useful.

welcome to one of the trickiest pieces of gnumeric-1.0.x.  It used
gonme-print to do its font selection.  gnome-print had its own
notions of what fonts were available and attempted to map things as
necessary.  Once you install new fonts you'll need to rerun the
gnome-print font install program to find them.  Debian has done a
reasonable job of catering to the damn thing.  For the next version,
we use pango, and fontconfig.  Which have much better support for
on the fly updates, and selection.

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