Plugin interface questions

Jody wrote:
"The Gnumeric plugin interface is well defined and much easier to maintain."

Okay, let's start with random stupid questions :)

1/ Following the instructions from

I just added a few lines to ~/.gnumeric/ and got
my function after restarting gnumeric. Good, is this
documented somewhere? I'm thinking of the magic file name, the spec
of the python functions involved like register / unregister
or more advanced like how to move the cursor, set and get cell
values, etc...

2/ By looking at the sources, it's obvious that
it's easy to add functions when building gnumeric.

3/ Is it possible to register functions or control gnumeric
from the outside dynamically? For example I'm running gnumeric, edit,
run python (or do something from gnumeric)
et voila I have my new function within gnumeric or my gnumeric spreadsheet
is filled with values from my script, etc...

4/ Same as 3 but with a C shared library.
Where to read in the gnumeric sources is fine with me,
it looks like there's a generic plugin loader architecture,
so there must be plugin loaders, and at last plugins :).

I have gnumeric-1.0.9 from RH8, no problem to update if necessary.
I have also the sources from CVS, and I volunteer
to contribute a document if it doesn't already exist  elsewhere.

Thanks in advance,

Laurent Guerby <guerby acm org>

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