Re: GNUmeric internship

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 10:19:02PM +0100, Laurent Guerby wrote:
Hi GNUmeric developpers,

I work for BNP Paribas (bank, 80000 employees worldwide) in the Equity 
Derivative Research Team (Paris, France) where we write software and 
assist equity derivative traders (worldwide). A lot of software in the 
trading room use Microsoft Excel Visual Basic as a glue of various 
components (including software we write) and as Rapid Application 
Development platform.  This year we'd like to investgate the use of 
free software alternative for this part of our business, we understand 
that in the spreadsheet area GNUmeric and OpenCalc are the free 
software players of interest. We already pay for support of 
our GNU compiler toolchain (GNAT, ACT Europe since 1997), and we have
deployed over  the year a few hundreds Linux servers dedicated to the
trading room computation needs, so we're not new to the free software

We'd like to take an intern (Paris, whenever possible this year, 3 
to 6 monthes) to do the evaluation of GNUmeric and various plugins 
(like the R one, graphics, ...) and glue technology (CORBA, python, 
Mono, direct linking, etc...). The intern will be free to contribute 
whatever is done to the various free software projects involved. 

Feel free to contact me directly with a resume, and to forward this
email anywhere appropriate.

Many thanks for your interest.  Gnumeric is solidly targeted at
precisely the niche you describe.  Many of our contributors are
working in finance or come from financial backgrounds.

If you're deploying your analytics using VBA wrappers in MS Excel
Gnumeric will a very pleasant improvement.  The Gnumeric plugin
interface is well defined and much easier to maintain.

Welcome aboard

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