Re: error msg

On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 12:54:34PM -0600, Steve Hennagin wrote:
I have received the following error msg when invoking gnumeric:

      The version of gnumeric you are using is quite old now ...

I have gnumeric 1.0.5, have been to the web site and not seen a newer 
version. Am running redhat 7.3, and subscribe to ximian redcarpet.  Should 
I continue to ignore the error or what?

1) you 'have been to the web site',  Which website ?  The latest
   stable release is 1.0.12.  It and its siblings are definitely
   announced on in the download section.  Sounds
   like you are looking in the wrong place.

2) The only fixes going into the 1.0.x series are bug patches.  If
   1.0.5 is working for you then there is no significant need to

3) To disable the message just do
        touch `which gnumeric`
   (you may need to be root)

4) Ximian is still shipping 1.0.5 ?? blah.  I did ximian packages of
   1.0.12 on 7.3.  I'll ask around about how to get those pushed.

Hope that helps

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