Re: gnumeric2 and weird font

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 07:05, Pete Phillips wrote:

I just upgraded to Suse 9.0, and it has gnumeric2-1.1.20-36 installed.

Initially *all* of the fonts were a weird spidery looking font, but by
amending the default font in the preferences dialogue I was able to sort
this out. However, the font used for titles and footers is still this
weird font, and I can't seem to find a place where this is set in  the
config files, nor how to change it in a gnumeric spreadsheet itself.

You need to install Gnumeric 1.2.2 (notice the absence of the "2" at the
end of "Gnumeric") and you should get it from usr-local-bin:

If you know about synaptic (gui front-end for apt), this is super easy
but even if you don't, you can still download the appropriate rpm from
there. Good luck.

Don Henson

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