Re: Python

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 08:54:43AM +1000, pasty camel wrote:

This said, the python plugin feature allows a cell within the
spreadsheet to pass variables to an external python function.  The cell
will display the python function's returned result.  This is good and is
pretty much what I'm looking for.  However plugins become a global
setting for every sheet opened with Gnumeric, and I'm hoping to be able
to write separate functions for separate sheets.  The help manual has a
page that hints of the possibility.

Interesting.  I'd like to hear more on why you'd like the functions
to be workbook local.  Actually is that sufficient or do you see a
potential need for sheet local ?  For simple routines such as the
example you site its probably feasible to use a named expression.
For something more complex with iteration a real function is clearly
necessary, but I'm a bit fuzzy on why you'd want it to be workbook

Oh, one other point regarding the help system.  It is possible to return
to the earlier system - pre-gnome2 - where help opened immediately
without the delay we are currently experiencing.

Ahh progress.
pre-gnome2 pre-generated the html.

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