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On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 15:54, pasty camel wrote:

I work as a structural engineer in Australia, and the design of steel,
concrete, timber, etc, is dictated by a set of codes.  Design codes are
different between countries, and often states within the country, and
they tend to use slightly different equations to determine the capacity
of any given member.  For example, the effective stiffness of a concrete
member experiencing in service deflection, as proposed by Branson is

Ief = Icr + (Ig + Icr)(Mcr / M*)^3

This relationship is specific to an assumption employed by the
Australian concrete design codes and as such is probably not really
suitable for inclusion in the set of Gnumeric functions.  But the
ability to create a simple function to perform this equation makes
debugging the spreadsheet much easier.

The above example is a relatively straight forward one, they certainly
become more complex (if you're not careful) and often involve iteration
through a set of data points.

Thank you very much. I think that this is a really good example to
justify the need for scripts.

This said, the python plugin feature allows a cell within the
spreadsheet to pass variables to an external python function.  The cell
will display the python function's returned result.  This is good and is
pretty much what I'm looking for.  However plugins become a global
setting for every sheet opened with Gnumeric, and I'm hoping to be able
to write separate functions for separate sheets.  The help manual has a
page that hints of the possibility.

By the way, If I could work out how to do this kind of thing, I'd be
happy to write some stuff for the help manual.

I found the easiest way to figure out how to write help texts is to look
at the xml files in doc/C on cvs and then just to try writing something.

Oh, one other point regarding the help system.  It is possible to return
to the earlier system - pre-gnome2 - where help opened immediately
without the delay we are currently experiencing.

yelp 2.5 (for gnome 2.6) is promising to open those help files again
very speedily.


Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow taliesin ca>

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