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On 16 Apr 2003, Tino Meinen wrote:

|- Op di 15-04-2003, om 10:21 schreef Russell Weatherburn:
|- > Good evening,
|- > 
|- > I would like to reference a cell from a sheet which is in a different 
|- > workbook.
|- > ...
|- To quote Jodi in an email sent on sep 4 2002:
|- "An application contains multiple workbooks
|- a workbook contains multiple worksheets
|- a worksheet contains cells
|- To link from 1 workbook to another the syntax is
|- [workbookname]Sheetname!cell
|- The easiest way to set it up is to cut a cell with a local reference
|- in 1 workbook and paste it into the other.  That will create a link.
|- Gnumeric does not currently import this correctly from xls files"
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It also doesn't always create the links correctly within gnumeric!
Readers of this list in the US will recognize the name Form1040 that I
used for a sheet in a workbook I was using recently.  I used "Paste
Link" to create a link to a cell on this page from another page in the
same workbook.  The reference was generated without quotes.  When the
saved workbook was opened later, quotes had been inserted that made
this a string constant instead of a link.  Eventually, I was able to
add quotes to the cell contents in just the right place (around the
name of the sheet) to get a link that would persist.

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