Re: referencing a cell in a different workbook

Op di 15-04-2003, om 10:21 schreef Russell Weatherburn:
Good evening,

I would like to reference a cell from a sheet which is in a different 

In excel, you can use the form "='[foo.xls]sheet1'!$A$1" to do this 
(single quotes in case there are spaces in the sheet or book name).  I 
cannot find any reference to being able to do this with gnumeric, after 
googling and looking at

To quote Jodi in an email sent on sep 4 2002:
"An application contains multiple workbooks
a workbook contains multiple worksheets
a worksheet contains cells

To link from 1 workbook to another the syntax is

The easiest way to set it up is to cut a cell with a local reference
in 1 workbook and paste it into the other.  That will create a link.
Gnumeric does not currently import this correctly from xls files"

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