Problem importing text files

I noticed a small problem with 1.0.12 importing text files.  Upgrading
to 1.0.13 didn't fix the problem.  I have a simple tab delimted file:

04/08/03        -4606.72        1059.15 7504.60 3957.03
03/31/03        -4606.72        1059.15 7504.60 3957.03
03/25/03        -4606.72        1059.15 7504.60 3957.03

the first col is a mm/dd/yy date, the others are numbers.  When I
import this file, temp.txt, as a tab delimted file, on the dialog that
allows me to set the format, I set format of 1st column to mm/dd/yy
and leave the rest as "General".  clicking on okay then gives me a
spreadsheet where all numbers are treated as dates, not just the first
column.  Is this correct, or i have just got the wrong behavior?  I'm
attaching the text file and resulting gnumeric file in case you are

Thanks for gnumeric, I use it a lot and like it.


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