Re: Drag & Drop - Patch

On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 01:03:33AM +0200, Lutz M?ller wrote:

Attached patch (against latest CVS) makes it possible to reorder sheets
within a workbook using drag & drop. This feature is in Excel and I
thought we could provide it in gnumeric, too :-)
Very nice work.
I made 1 minor performance tweak, and will request a bit of polish
for the handling of drag motion for widgets other than labels.  I
did not see a simple way to do it.  However it was easy to get the
positioning arrow in an inconsistent state by dragging with the
mouse up in the notebook itself.   Since the motion handler is
specific to the labels it would get out of whack.
I have one question about dragging a sheet from one workbook to another
(see g_message ("Not yet implemented!") in my patch). How do I implement
that? gtk_widget_reparent? A new command in commands.h?

eeep!  A whole new what to get things confused.  Some bright boy is
going to try this from one process to another and all hell is going
to break lose.   In process should be fairly easy,  some
generalization of the sheet management commands and liberal use of
weakrefs should do the trick (as soon as Sheet becomes a GObject).
However, inter process will require some extension of the clipboard
xml format.

Thanks for the work

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