Re: Quattro Pro Matrices

On Saturday 23 November 2002 13:14, Jody Goldberg wrote:
The formula may be expressible in 6 characters but I can guarantee
that the storage required for the result (the matrix and its size)
is not substantialy different from XL's approach.  

I just checked--gnumeric does the storage of formulas beautifully, not 
following the brainless XL.

For illustration, I created 2 files in each of:
1. QuattroPro 9 for MS Windows
2. MS Excell 2000 for Windows
3. Gnumeric 1.09 for Linux

The 2 files are:
A. "Formula" (with a trivial formula copied 10000 times).
B. "Array" (with "functionality" equivalent to case A, but using an array).

Sizes of the spreadsheets:
               Formula    Array   
QP             155,648    4,608
XL             549,888  561,662
GN              27,136   26,088
GN(Decompr)    503,004  392,991

The above illustrates that XL saves nothing in filesize by using arrays, but 
QP obviously does.

Quick inspection of the unzipped Gnumeric files shows that the storage of 
formulas is done just once for both the Formula and Array examples! 
Gnumeric beats here both XL and QP! Congratulation to you!

Best regards,


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