Re: Quattro Pro Matrices

On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 05:38:54PM -0500, Stan J. Klimas wrote:
The example formula would appear to take at least 6 bytes (6 characters). 
Therefore, the gain is ~6 kB for this simple example spreadsheet.
The formula may be expressible in 6 characters but I can guarantee
that the storage required for the result (the matrix and its size)
is not substantialyl different from XL's approach.  XL's file format
does not handle this nicely but that is a different question.

BTW, using <Ctrl><Alt> <Enter> for Excel-style arrays does not help in size at 
all. I do not really understand what the point of this kind of array is, 
besides "region protection" and monkey key combinations.
The <Ctrl><Alt><Enter> magic does solve the problem of allowing a
single function to return a matrix result.  Its not pretty, and I
would very much like to support auto array creation at some point.
However, it is also not trivial.  If the matrix result changes size
things get tricky.

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