Re: Gnumeric : Contest for a Splash Screen

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Jeff Waugh wrote:

Just to play devils advocate, is there anyway to make gnumeric launch
fast enough where it doesn't need a splash screen. This would really be
the best solution. Splash screens are really annoying and should only
be used when an app is slow as malasis starting up (see

Jody noted in his post that the splash screen would only be shown when a
document takes longer than 3s to open.

Try Gnumeric some time to see how fast it loads without such a document...
No splash screen required - it's lightning fast.

It might load lightning fast on yours, but it takes a second or two on my
machine to pop up. You must think lowest common denominator, I'd think. I
used to use a Pentium-100Mhz machine to run Redhat 5.2, and everything
took some time to load. Even if the splash screen is the first thing to
happen, and is quick to go away, at least you know there is something
going on. That would be my thought.

John McGinn

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