Gnumeric's MS Excel XP/2k/97 export ready for testing

The code in cvs is now sufficiently stable that I've enabled the
excel97 exporter in the default build, and would like to start
getting bug reports.  It can now export dual 97/95 files in addition
to pure 95 and 97.  There will be a release of 1.1.12 shortly to get
the code out into the wild.

Things I'd like to see tested
- Unicode everywhere (95 & 97)
    eg multi-byte text in format strings, font names, inline array
    strings, expression values, constant values, cell comments
    or any where else you can think of to try and put it

TRANSLATORS : If you have access to MS Excel please send some
    test cases, or try these things yourselves.  We need validation
    against non-US versions, especially 'far-east' as MS calls them.
    Check the euro/yen/pound in your code-page,   Drop by #Gnumeric
    on and we can walk you through it.

- Check that the macros from imported files still work in the
  exported result (even if you import 95 and save 97)

- Any of the basic format parameters, even things we don't support
  in Gnumeric (hidden, shrink to fit ...).  Their values should be
  be preserved in the export.

- Try loading and exporting OpenOffice generated files and checking
  that OpenOffice can read the resulting xls.  Their code has some
  idiosyncrasies that required patching.  It would be nice to know
  if there are more.  Having solid XL97 export will facilitate
  communication with them because that appears to be the format they
  focused on.  Their XL95 is not as strong and does not handle the
  more complex cases.

Known Problems to be fixed shortly
- 3d references
- sheet local names
- range construct & intersection operators
- inline arrays

Known Problems
- cell comments
- external references
- rich text

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