Re: Does Gnumeric provide full i18n/L10n support now

On Fri, Nov 08, 2002 at 11:33:51AM +0800, Paul Huang wrote:

Could any body tell me if gnumeric provide i18n/l10n support now?

We try to in both the stable and development version.  There are
various issues with both.
    - 1.0.x used locale encoding and did not support multibyte
      encodings well enough to be useful.  However, its input method
      support was well tested.  The translators did an excellent job
      providing coverage.  The quality of the importers varied in
      their handling of non-ascii text.  Our native XML was solid
      for import and export.  The XLS importer was also good.  XLS
      export had less testing.  I do not recall the state of the
      others offhand.

    - 1.1.x uses utf8 internally and pango for text display.  This
      is an enourmous improvement for internationalized text.  We
      have also audited the majority of the system for utf8
      support.  The largest 5 importers (of 13) have been audited
      and should be clean.  Input method is working, but should get
      more testing, potentially adding 'over the spot' methods too.
Of course gnumeric itself has long supported multiple
date/time/currency/number conventions based on the locale.

It would be appricated if you can also tell me what is the general rule to
see if a gnu project provide i18n/l10n support?

I don't know that there is a 'rule'.  The different facets of
internationalization require support from different people.
The best place to start is problably getting things translated.
I've CCed the gnome i18n translation team.
    gnome-i18n gnome org

Hope that helps,

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