Gnumeric 1.1.11

Gnumeric 1.1.11 aka 'DOH!' is now available.

        This is an emergency release to patch some bone-headed mistakes in
        1.1.10 that made it all but useless (yes I tested it, no I did not test
        quite the right things).

        However, as usual the team has been busy tacking on lots of nifty new
        toys.  Indeed our main problem now a days is getting enough man power
        to do all the things that can be added easily.  The core is in good
        shape and there are piles of features that could be added by a new

        Morten has been blazing along ensuring that the numbers are accurate
        and that there are absolutely no leaks.  Team Andreas and Adrian are
        busy polishing the latex exporter and I threw in the basic version of
        an optimisation that puts the zip back in the pango enabled display.
        We even had a few test cases from RH Japan that validate our handling
        of eastern XL.

    NOTE : Although this is a development release it should be quite stable.
      There are is still feature regressions from 1.0 (porting graphs to gtk2)
      but other than that this release should be usable.  Please
      play with it.

        * Some LaTeX exporter fixes

        * Fix 97246

Dustin Mudryk:
        * Hide hidden cells in LaTeX export

        * Store current sheet in both spots for xls export
        * Fix multiple name invalidation within 1 expr on sheet delete
        * Work around incorrect XL95 export in OpenCalc
        * Enable full simplistic just in time render & span.
        * Fix names.
        * Tidy and brighten up the name dialog.
        * Add more format and alignment support to cell edit.
        * Re-enable feedback for auto-complete.
        * Fix xls names with unicode ids.
        * Fix xls 2000 import for external names.
        * Fix edit line behaviour.

        * Clean up SERIESSUM.
        * Fix crash during xml save.
        * Fix elusive dependency leak.
        * Implemented a new and better qgamma function.  (Anything dealing
          with the chisq distribution will also benefit from this.)
        * More utf8 work.
        * Fix ABW in html exporter.

* Availability

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