Gnumeric 1.1.10

Gnumeric 1.1.10 aka 'Chip the glasses, crack the plates' is now available.

        This release is a combination of lots of new code, and piles and piles
        of bug fixes.  Several long standing requests finally got fixed up.
        Including support for dynamic dependencies so that things like INDIRECT
        and A1:Offset(..) would get updated correctly, horizontal or vertical
        only frozen panes, and manual recalc mode.

        It also had a couple of silly errors that were discovered just _After_
        release.  So I delayed announcing it until the patches were available.

        * Add XHTML exporter
        * Fix minor bug in the sort dialog
        * Fix leak
        * Fix 95333

Chris Benedict:
        * Do not allow all sheets in a workbook to be deleted.
        * Implement a simple configuration dialog for the frame
          sheet object

dorami bu iij4u or jp:
        * Add InputMethod support for better international key support

Hal Ashburner:
        * Rework derivative valuation routines

        * Decrease GAL dependence.
        * More work on opencalc importer.
        * Start clean up of error handling routines.
        * Some UTF-8 cleanup.
        * Support place-holders for unknown names (incl XL import)
        * Restore core <-> split for analysis and random num tools 
        * Undo support for defining and updating named expressions
        * Port Name guru from GtkList -> TreeView
        * Fix Applix expr parsing now that we consider spaces
        * Correct sheet order and naming for Applix import.
        * Support named ranges for Applix import.
        * XML string quoting in expressions for opencalc importer.
        * Fix handling of 3d references in context of sheet reorder
        * Some optimisation of case insensitive sheet name lookup
        * Make named expression ids case sensitive.
        * Port cell format dialog to TreeView.
        * Handle encryption from 'Tools -> Protection -> Workbook Protected'
        * Remove implicit conversion of unquoted strings that are not names
        * Import named expressions, arrays and merged regions from OpenCalc
        * More cleanup after the big parser rework
        * Esoteric XL number formats #,,##0,,
        * Simplify some dialog code
        * Support Dynamic Depends (eg INDIRECT)
        * Add AREAS so that we can finally finish off the lookup functions
        * Clean up the function registration api
        * Make format parsing utf8 clean
        * Fix mishandling of empty strings in xls data validation importer
        * Support Horizontal and Vertical only frozen panes
        * Some optimisations for filling large regions
        * Start work on 'Text from Columns' and 'External Data -> Text File'
        * Simple manual recalculation, it won't catch everything yet.
        * Some UI for recalc and iteration changes
        * Tweak precedence of new operators and clean up the grammar
        * Fix parse error reporting
        * Fix xls name import for external and builtin names (95 & 2k)
        * Fix undo for object movement
        * Improve XL95 export and prep framework for 2k
        * Add quicky place-holder for importing 'input msg' from xls

        * Port search center from gal's e-table to gtk's treeview.
        * Fix parse-utils to handle large number of columns.
        * Reduce the number of source places that need to be changed in
          order to get more than 256 columns and/or 65536 rows.
        * Fix --geometry, I hope.
        * Start handling invalid (== non-utf8) file names.
        * Fix minor leak in excel loader.
        * Improve precision of GEOMEAN and PRODUCT.
        * Fix MOD for non-integer (or just huge) args.
        * Fix division by zero in MROUND.
        * Fix a bunch of gnum_float issues.
        * Fix leaks in COLUMN and ROW.
        * Sort names in name dialog.
        * SC importer work.
        * Various UTF-8 work.
        * Fix double replacement problem for search-and-replace with a
          regular expression matching an empty string.
        * Fix GAMMAINV.
        * Improve precision for qgamma (and thus GAMMAINV).
        * Fix a few cases of col/row confusion.

Nicolas Peninguy:
        * Use regexps to classify currency and accounting formats

Tim A. Garner:
        * Hide hidden data in html export
        * In the LaTeX exporter optionally export math in italics

Jon K?re:
        * Remove old Python plugin

* Availability

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