Re: stf_preview_render


At 2002/06/25 21:35:12 Jody Goldberg wrote:
jody> Almer has started work on a new implementation that should improve
jody> both the performance and clarify character encoding.  

 Yes! It sounds nice. At least I can try the new implementation when
 it is available from CVS.

jody> More help is always appreciated.  In this instance the main
jody> bottleneck is that the initial preview is being rendered as 1
jody> massive 5000 line gnome_canvas_text_item.  The proposed replacement
jody> is much smarter about how it handles this sort of thing.

 One thing in my mind was to provide a way to directly import CSV files
 into a worksheet. When one is aware that the file is absolutely CSV (
 COMMA separated), it is usually happy to import it without having session
 with the import dialog no matter how fast that dialog works.
 Such implementation would be fairly easy to do since we already have
 But including it or not into the development tree needs public review.
 I'll put this on Bugzilla as an enhancement request this time.



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