Re: stf_preview_render

On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 09:12:19PM +0900, Kin Taishin wrote:

 I frequently import CSV files to Gnumeric. But the problem is that
 the import dialog is very slow. I've just browsed the source as of
 1.0.7 then I suspect that stf_preview_render() would be the major
 source of this slowness.
Almer has started work on a new implementation that should improve
both the performance and clarify character encoding.  

 Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?
 I'm new to Gnurmeric source but I guess I can work on this and
 will send you a patch if some technical advises are given.
More help is always appreciated.  In this instance the main
bottleneck is that the initial preview is being rendered as 1
massive 5000 line gnome_canvas_text_item.  The proposed replacement
is much smarter about how it handles this sort of thing.

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