Re: Two gnome on Solaris 9?

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 09:27:47AM -0600, Robert Lopez wrote:
I have not used gnumeric since I upgraded my Sun
workstation to Solaris 8. The Solaris had gnome in
/opt/SUNWxxx/... dirs.  In Solaris 7, I had build gnome
in /usr/local/... including gnumeric. I did not know 
enough to get gnumeric build on Solaris 8 using the
/opt/... paths.
For gnome-1.4 there are 2 main options

1) configure with --prefix=/opt/...
2) configure your build with whatever prefix you want, but use the
environment variable GNOME_LIB to point to /opt/... so that
configure for gnumeric can find the rest of gnome.  There is a
smidge more to do to get guppi working because it requires
symlinking a file from your guppi intstall back to the main area,
but it is not rocket science.
Now I am preparing to upgrade to Solaris 9. I do not
see that gnumeric is included in solaris 9 Gnome 2. I
also do not see it on  So, I am
thinking about doing with gnome what I did with perl
which is build a second one in /usr/local and then link
it into the places Solaris expects to find it. 

Ah, this is probably because gnome2 gnumeric is still in
development.  You can easily build one of the snapshots (1.1.5 is
the latest) using the gnome2 libraries provided.  For the next
release you will need to install libgsf (a replacement for libole).

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