Two gnome on Solaris 9?

I have not used gnumeric since I upgraded my Sun
workstation to Solaris 8. The Solaris had gnome in
/opt/SUNWxxx/... dirs.  In Solaris 7, I had build gnome
in /usr/local/... including gnumeric. I did not know 
enough to get gnumeric build on Solaris 8 using the
/opt/... paths.

Now I am preparing to upgrade to Solaris 9. I do not
see that gnumeric is included in solaris 9 Gnome 2. I
also do not see it on  So, I am
thinking about doing with gnome what I did with perl
which is build a second one in /usr/local and then link
it into the places Solaris expects to find it. 

Alternatively, could anyone give ne any references to
information about what I need to know to build 
gnumeric on the Sun distributed Gnome2? Especially if
there are library prerequisites which are not up to
the current versions gnumeric requires?


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