Yahoo! The last Escher import bug is dead.

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 10:57:58AM -0600, Anthony Tuininga wrote:
On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 16:28, Jody Goldberg wrote:
On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 04:10:34PM -0600, Anthony Tuininga wrote:
** WARNING **: Unusual, TXO text with no formatting
dunno, probably irrelivant.
gnumeric:escher-WARNING **: Unexpected record type 0x5d len=0x34
I don't know if these mean anything to you or if you even care.... :-)

Yes Please !
Ok. Here is the file. Please destroy it when you have finished with it.

Many thanks.  This was actually a completely different bug than the
one that has been bugging me for the last year.  However it did
provide a clear enough case for the confusion that it forced me to
re-evaluate the other one.  Both bugs were actually simple problems
that just _seemed_ complicated due to their proximity to the escher
code.  Not only are both fixed, but the patches are simple enough
that I'll back port them for 1.0.9.

File has been removed.  Now we need to support filters.

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